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Unfortunately, we originally distributed the incorrect version of our Sermon Award Call for Submissions. As we thought about the Sermon Award this year, we began with a description that, upon loving feedback and reflection, we understood was too white-centered. We felt good about the subsequent changes we made both in our thinking and in the document, and found ways to more fully embody a more inclusive and intersectional way of being.  

Unfortunately, these changes to the document were not reflected in the version you may have seen. With our apologies and gratitude for this lesson in humility, please use this final version that you see below -- dated February 26, 2021 -- to replace any you have received or distributed to date, and use this version going forward as you spread the word.  

Thank you and, again, we apologize for this oversight.  

SERMON Award for Justice for Women & Girls - Call for Submissions 2021


In a time when our country is examining anew the harms of racism, the Unitarian Universalist Women’s Federation is looking at our faith and our work through an anti-racist lens. We are eager to embrace and center the voices of women of color. In order to do this, we need to learn more about both the harm we’ve caused and the perspectives we’ve ignored. As a disproportionately white faith movement, Unitarians, Universalists, Unitarian Universalist women and the Unitarian Universalist Women’s Federation have contributed to the damage that White Feminism has done to women of color in the US. White women are a pivotal voting block and perpetuate the oppression of our sisters of color regularly in many damaging ways (some overt and some more subtle). Meanwhile, women of color have carried the weight, struggle, and vision for women’s freedom in spite of being overlooked and excluded by our white sisters. BIPOC women have organized, engaged, supported, and given voice to the power and promise of intersectionality, including serving as the backbone for Black Lives Matter, Standing Rock, and critical electoral races across the country.

Therefore, UUWF challenges UU women to explore feminism through an anti-racist lens and join us in seeking deeper understanding of the harm of White Feminism and the wisdom and leadership of women of color in the women’s movement. To do this work, we need to understand our roles in upholding white patriarchy and, in the case of white women, do so without depending on the labor of BIPOC women. We also need to embrace the wisdom and leadership of women of color for a more intersectional, inclusive, and just approach to women’s liberation.

We ask ourselves: 
  • How can UUs expand their understanding and practice of feminist theory from a womanist or BIPOC perspective?
  • How can UUs help heal the harm done by excluding and diminishing women of color in feminist theory and practice? How can we navigate "right" roles for white women and women of color in feminist healing?
  • How can UUs become more racially conscious participants in feminist thought and address the toxicity of white-centering feminist practices?
  • How can UUs humbly welcome and embrace the feminist thought leadership of women of color? How do we avoid tokenism, fragility, and over-reliance on women of color to carry the burden of this work? 
  • How can white women and women of color join forces more authentically, equitably, and fully? 

**We use the general term "women" to include cis-gendered women, femme/nonbinary identifying folks, and trans women.


We invite UU religious professionals and lay people of all identities and genders to share your voice, responding to the world around us by addressing a topic related to an intersectional, inclusive, anti-racist approach to women’s liberation. The sermon must have been written by the entrant and delivered before a UU congregation prior to the UU General Assembly in 2021. We have assembled a judging panel of UU professionals and lay leaders. 


The winner of the Sermon Award receives $500 and will be invited to share their sermon at the annual UUWF Breakfast, held in the morning of one of the days at the General Assembly 2021. In addition to the stipend, the winner will receive reimbursement for a one-day GA registration.


Submit your materials – as indicated below – by email to with the subject line “UUWF Sermon Award”. The deadline for entries is March 22, 2021. Submissions should either be Microsoft Word documents or Adobe PDF documents. Due to the need for applicant anonymity, only written sermon text will be accepted. You will receive confirmation of submission within 24 hours, and of the final award decision by early April.


  1. Cover page with your name, address, phone number, email address, sermon title, and the date and location where you delivered the sermon.
  2. Sermon with title and numbered pages. Please remove any identifying information (e.g. name, congregation).


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